Who can purchase a subscription?

Frantic Assembly Studio is designed for use by schools, colleges and education establishments in the UK only. It is not available to individuals or non-education organisations.

I am outside of the UK. Can my organisation access Frantic Assembly Studio?

Frantic Assembly Studio is available for non UK education establishments via a partnership with Digital Theatre Plus. More details can be found here

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can pay by credit/debit card or by invoice. Select payment choice at checkout.

How soon can I access my subscription after payment?

If you pay by credit/debit card your subscription will be activated immediately. If you pay by invoice, activation will depend on the payment system of your organisation. Once payment of the invoice has been received by us, the subscription will be activated within three working days.

How do I pay by Invoice?

At the checkout stage, select Payment by Invoice. An invoice will be sent to your nominated finance contact within 3 working days of the request. Your subscription will start within 3 working days of payment being received. If your organisation requires a Purchase Order number to process your payment, please provide at time of booking to avoid any delay to your subscription start date.

Can I get a VAT receipt for my purchase?

A receipt is generated at the end of the Checkout process and a version is sent by email to the primary account contact. The finance department of a school can either contact the schoolteacher who is the account holder at your school or send an email to studio@franticassembly.co.uk.

How long does the subscription last for?

Frantic Assembly Studio subscription is for 12 months. You can access the content as many times as you like during the subscription term.

How do I renew my subscription

A renewal reminder will be sent to your nominated contact for your account 3 months prior to the subscription end date. You can log into your account, click "subscription", choose the type of subscription that suits your school and then check out by following the procedure.

Or, if you click the renewal link in the reminder email, you can add a subscription for renewal. Please remember to login at the right hand side before check out. Otherwise, the system may recognise you as a new subscriber and request a new school form again.

Please confirm the renewal to allow time for payment to be processed and your subscription to continue uninterrupted. Your new subscription will only start on the date when the existing subscription has expired. Early payment prior to the expiration date will not affect your renewal anniversary and your original start date will be preserved.

Can I cancel my subscription/get a refund?

You can cancel your subscription within 14 days of booking and receive a full refund. After this time there are no refunds. If you chose to cancel your subscription after this time your subscription will not renew. You will be able to continue to access the content until the end subscription end date. For any cancellation, please email studio@franticassembly.co.uk.

Can I download any of the content on Frantic Assembly Studio

Frantic Assembly Studio is a streaming service and none of the filmed content may be copied, downloaded or shared outside of your organisation. Any breach of this may result in your subscription being cancelled.

Resource packs and Exercise support pdfs can be downloaded to help assist with your students’ study.

How do I give access to my students?

After login, you can find “manage your student access code” under your account. You will need to set a student access code to share with your students. It should be between 6 and 8 characters, either letters, numbers or a combination of both. Please be aware that digits outside the box are unchangeable, as it is your unique account ID, only associated with you organisation. A group of students can use the same code to access the content in Frantic Assembly Studio. Ensure you share the full code with them:

ie: 1234_(code set by yourself)

Can I add colleagues in my organisation to our subscription?

Teachers within the same school/college can use the same login to access Frantic Assembly Studio. Admin and finance contacts can be added as part of the account setup. These will only be used to send invoices to and for any payment related communication. These are not needed for login purposes.

I can see Metamorphosis, Othello and TOUCH on Frantic Assembly Studio. Why are there no other productions available?

Owing to rights issues with past productions, we are limited to what can be presented as part of Frantic Assembly Studio. We are working to make as many of our future productions as possible available for viewing. These may be presented on Frantic Assembly Studio in the future or via other streaming platforms.

We are delighted to present our 2023/24 touring production of Metamorphosis, 2022/23 touring production of Othello and TOUCH, our first devised work for camera, exclusively on Frantic Assembly Studio.

How can I change my password

After login, you can change the password under My Account.

How can I change the log in email for my school

You have to contact Frantic Assembly at studio@franticassembly.co.uk with either your original login email address, school name or postcode in order to help changing your log in email.

What is the Staff Room?

The Staff Room is a dedicated space for teachers, where we share further insights to the exercises and content within Frantic Assembly Studio, as well as useful hints and tips to support your teaching. The Staff Room also contains a Notice Board, where we share news and information about Frantic Assembly’s work that may be of interest to you. We will also collate answers and responses to frequently asked content questions here.

If you have any questions about the content or if you would like to see anything specific that is not already covered, please kindly email studio@franticassembly.co.uk